Ciao Roel!
21 sep 2018

Ciao Roel!

For more than 35 years he was in business! Now the time has come for him to enjoy his more than well-deserved retirement. Last Friday we surprised Roel with a huge “Ciao Roel” party.
All his beloved friends and family were present but also many football clubs and business relations from all over the world (China, Turkey, Spain, France and Pakistan) came to say goodbye to Roel. The entire State of Football team thanks everybody who was present at the party and all who couldn’t make it but where so kind to send lovely cards, champaign, chocolate and best wishes.

State of Football continues its business as Roel left it, but with high ambitions for the future. Cathy Eijkelenkamp is the new CEO and with this new captain on the pitch, we are certain to play the game at Champions League level.

Dear Roel,  thank you for all the years you’ve been our leader and MVP. With ups and downs, we became the successful firm we are today. thanks for the wise lessons, the laughter and endless optimism you brought us. We hope that you, from the sideline, keep an eye on us while we play the game of football merchandising.

Team State of Football


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