Building an appealing non-branded merchandise collection takes more than stand-alone articles with a print. Through the six steps below, State of Football guides and unburdens clubs in this specialized segment and delivers outstanding and well performing collections for the fans.


We dive into the very core of the football club. Get to know the icons, the fan-base, songs and players. Every club is unique and needs unique collections.

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Our specialized design team will transfer all ideas and inspirations into appealing designs after which, together with the clubs, we will downsize and fine-tune all articles to the final collection.


The very first moment the paper versions are transferred into textiles. Our buying team makes sure all technical aspects are on point. Final comments are discussed at our suppliers’ factories. Our extensive experience with quality, finishing and sizing ensures perfect and commercial merchandising.


After the definite GO our sources will start production. We guide and control every step along the way and we ensure that all articles are produced in the required quality and lead-time.


After finalizing the production there will be final check before leaving the factory. All will be transported by professional partners with whom we have close and longstanding relationships. Delivery is at the right time at the right place. From door to door.


We are of course interested in our articles’ performance within the shops’ formula. To finalize the complete order process we evaluate with the club in order to present an even better collection next season…

20 years of experience

For over 20 years State of Football has managed to exceed football clubs’ expectations by delivering high quality products, at the right price, at the right time. Nowadays we are very proud of the clubs we have in our portfolio and the number of articles we produced…







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